Blowerproof airtight coatings, with BBA and Passive House approval.

In 2011, airtight methods went trough a revolution with the launch of our Blowerproof® airtight paint. This simplified method for airtightness fitted perfectly with the increasing demand for green buildings. Since, the quality of Blowerproof® has been unrivalled and holds various international certifications such as Passive House, BBA, Exova and M1. Due to its high density, Blowerproof may also serve as methane, radon or intelligent vapour barrier.

Blowerproof coating: spray or roll applied


BLOWERPROOF® LIQUID (click for productsheet):

  • used for the permanent airtightness of building connections and walls.
  • used as intelligent vapour check on insulation.
  • used as radon and/or methane barrier on floor and wall surfaces in substructures.
  • application with airless, paintroller or paintbrush.
  • productcertificates: BBAPassive House, M1, Exova, Mecadi....
  • youtube video: dry lining - floor/wall connection - realisations Belgium - walls

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Blowerproof coating: brush applied


BLOWERPROOF® LIQUID BRUSH (click for productsheet)

  • used for the permanent airtightness of building connections such as floor/wall and window jambs, steel deck connections as well as to seal pipe penetrations.
  • also serves as intelligent vapour check.
  • application with flat paintbrush.
  • productcertificates: BBA, Passive House, M1, Exova.
  • Youtube videos: airtightness window/wall connection - floor/wall connection

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BLOWERPROOF productcertifications and warranty:

BLOWERPROOF® coatings are thoroughly tested and have been approved by BBAPassive House, Exova, and the BBRI. BBA states that the expected lifetime of BLOWERPROOF® is that of the construction.

We have experiences with Blowerproof coatings for the airtightness of buildings on projects troughout Europe since 2012. Our local importers and partners are available for more information and specific advice by phone or a meeting in your office or on the jobsite. Troughout Europe, we can also offer the installation service with an airtightness warranty on the building project.

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Press article 2019 - Blowerproof reference (source: Passive House Plus magazine)

Imperial War Museums archive breaks airtightness record

A state-of-the-art archive building in Cambridgeshire, which has been built to house Imperial War Museums’ (IWM) rich paper collection, has registered the best airtightness test result ever recorded in the UK – and perhaps, the world.

The building at IWM Duxford – one of five IWM museums and historic sites covering war and conflict from the First World War to the present day – has been designed to meet the passive house standard, allowing IWM’s documents collection to be preserved in the best possible conditions.

The 1,238 sqm building, which has just come through practical completion, achieved a final airtightness score of 0.03 air changes per hour (ACH) at 50 Pascals – making the building 20 times tighter than the target for certified passive buildings, and approximately 200 times tighter than current UK requirements for non-domestic buildings. The Passive House Institute is aware of one other project that has achieved 0.03 ACH – but none lower.

The project benefited from bona fide passive house expertise on the design team, led by architects Architype and passive house ...

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